Keywords and how they work


Keywords are vital for your website. They make or break what the user comes upon when scouring through Google for your site.

  • High Volume Keywords – These are keywords which appears in a large quantity of searches by search engine users.
  • Long Tail Keywords – Long tail keywords a very different from high volume keywords as they usually don’t have a large amount of average monthly searches. Long tail keywords are keywords that are much more specific to the services or products your business offers.

High Volume Keywords

High Volume Keywords

High Volume Keywords are difficult to rank for but they are what people are searching for. You need to be very clever with how you attempt to rank for these types of keywords as if you just spam a certain word/phrase Google’s bots pick this up and will not rank you for it. You need to make sure you have someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to optimising your website for these.

Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords are a lot more specified into what a customer would search within a Search Engine for. You figure out what these are through Keyword Research and pretending that you are the customer. You write down as many phrases you can think of that someone would search to end up on your desired webpage. You then base the content of that page around this specific keyword which would be more of a phrase than a keyword.

Long Tail Keywords

Keyword Research


Keywords are the most vital component of any website. You really do need to do extensive research into what competitors are ranking for and how you can rank over them. It is all about following the search engine rules but also being clever at the same time.

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