Are Blogs Useful?


Blogs are used to help your company rank on search engines. They are also there to share information about a given topic and and show the people who read your blog that you know you are an expert on your topic of choice. Blogs also attract customers to your website and turn visitors into leads.

How do I write a Blog or come up with topics to write Blogs about?

Blog Topics Conradh Media

Blog Topics

Coming up with a subject to write about is very tough but one key thing is to look at your popular keywords about your website. Take these keywords and see what someone would question regarding this keyword. This is a great starting point for anyone and it also keeps you on the subject of your website rather then diverging off and writing about random topics.

How do I write a Blog?

How do you write a blog? Well, writing a blog is not an easy task. It may seem daunting at first staring at a blank white page on your screen and not even knowing what to begin with. Firstly imagine the layout you would like to do, would you like to include images to break up the text on your page and not make your page look covered in text and more appealing to the eye. Do you want a wall of text and bullet points? Just think about how you would like to lay it out and work off of that. Then let your brain full of knowledge and your tapping fingers do the rest of the work and it will flow out of your fingertips.

How do I write a Blog?

What will Blogs do for me? Conradh Media

What will Blogs do for me?

Blogs are such an amazing thing for not only your website and it’s ranking, but also for yourself! Everyone wants to hear that Blogs will increase your website SEO or bring more customers to your site and yes, blogs do this but they also do one thing above all this. Blogs improve yourself. Typing out the knowledge you have on a certain topic is amazing as it shows others how much you know and it’s extremely beneficial to yourself also as you are showcasing how much you actually know and it helps it to stick with you. Blogs are not only for your customers or ranking, Blogs are also for yourself.

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