SEO in Ireland

Irish SEO

What is the state of SEO on Irish websites at the moment?

SEO in Ireland is very much lacking. There is not much research out there into Irish SEO specifically so I went off and did a bunch of site audits on Irish websites to personally see what their SEO scores are like.

Irish SEO Conradh Media

SEO in Ireland

SEO in Ireland is very low. It seems like not a lot of website owners really care, or even know about Search Engine Optimisation. I feel like in Ireland we are very much behind on the digital front because as a country we are extremely sociable and I feel like a lot of businesses here still rely on the typical “word of mouth” exposure. This type of exposure will never go away but Irish businesses need to focus more on their website SEO to increase their Google Rankings.

Irish Websites

Now, obviously to do SEO you need a website. On examination of websites of old businesses who are still very successful their websites are very outdated. This is a major issue as the coming generations are all about Googling what they are going to put money into. If I google a website and the website loads slow and looks very poor then I will assume their product/service is also the same. It is very important to make sure your website is up to date and running smoothly before you even attempt SEO. Search Engine Optimisation attracts customers in but it is your website which holds their attention.

Irish SEO website Conradh Media

SEO Ireland Conradh Media

Where do I start?

Start with checking out your Google Rankings and ask yourself what words do I want my customers to find me with. We here at Conradh Media specialise in Irish SEO for businesses as we are Irish run. It is important to have a national of the country your website is based to do SEO for you as they need to have the slang of that country. If you outsourced work to a non-English speaking native for an English website some terminology will be lost in translation and it simply will not make sense.

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